Sex During The Holidays? Of Course… But What’s The Best Day?

christmas sex

Britain’s largest online sex retailer Lovehoney has conducted a survey among its customers and had them vote on which Christmas day they would most like to have sex with their partner. The result is clear.

Christmas is the festival of love. So what could be more appropriate than couples expressing their love and devoting themselves to lovemaking on one or all of the holidays? Lovehoney wanted to know when couples are particularly keen to have sex with each other. According to her answers, this is mostly the case on Christmas Eve. A good 60% of the 2,175 people surveyed said that December 24 was a good day for sexual highs for couples.

Apparently, excitement is waning though with each passing holiday. Only 47% choose Christmas Day, and only 41% feel like having sex with each other on Christmas Day. On the one hand romantic, Christmas Eve is just a magical night. On the other hand, it is logical and comprehensible: The mood is getting more and more tired and people tend to overeat and indulge in all kinds of cravings during the holidays. And not to forget: the worst family fights break out at Christmas.

If you still want to have sex more than once a week at the end of December, you can rest assured. On New Year’s Eve, 58% of those surveyed could imagine having sex with their partner again. A last orgasm before the new Rollings 20s? Or the first climax to welcome the new decade?

Either way, the special charge of the festive season should provide for erotic crackling between lovers and many a long-standing couple. And let’s be honest: the alcohol that often flows quite generously during the holidays should also have a somewhat disinhibiting effect. But be careful: even small amounts of alcohol make you sleepy and often limp.

If you don’t believe Lovehoney about the aphrodisiac effect of Christmas, you should take a look at the birth statistics. Hard facts point to sexual enthusiasm in the second half of December. In Great Britain, September 26 is the most common date of birth of all. That is 39 weeks and two days after Christmas, which is the biologically exact time for a full-term human pregnancy.

This is good advice for parents who want their children to have offspring and finally become grandparents: Leave couples to celebrate Christmas together alone and in peace. Because 44% of women and 50% of men say that visits to their parents are a major obstacle to romance and intercourse.

You can find more information about Lovehoney here. VAN wishes you an erotic end of the year.


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