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Severe Sex Films On Kink.com

With quality, authentic BDSM, they'll fit perfectly with our products

severe sex films

The web and TV studio Severe Sex Films announced a new strategic partnership with one of the leading fetish studios worldwide. Its contents will now also be distributed through its own channel on Kink.com.

Content produced by Severe Sex Films will be available through Kink.com’s video-on-demand network. The studio is focusing on BDSM, femdom, and cuckold material. Severe Sex Films has an industry-wide stellar reputation for its content and won an XBIZ Award 2018 for its production »Corrupted by the Evils of Fetish Porn«.

Dee Devere, co-owner of Severe Sex Films said: »Kink has always been a company we looked up to, so we’re really honored they asked us to partner with them. We are always looking for new ways to reach the fetish audience, so this couldn’t be a better fit. Our movies have authenticity because we and our performers are genuinely perverted as hell. And we can’t wait for a wider audience of kinksters to see them.«

Jimmy Broadway, the other co-owner of the studio who previously shot scenes as a performer for Kink.com, said: »They are tremendously creative people who really understand the fetishes that they shoot, so to share a platform with them, to have our content up there with theirs, is pretty special.«

BDSM and fetish force Kink.com seems to signal a move into the distribution of 3rd party content. Mike Scott, Kink.com’s senior content acquisition manager, said: »With quality, authentic BDSM, they’ll fit perfectly with our products.«

If you are interested in the company’s contents, go to SevereSexFilms.com.

If you like to know more about the new Severe Sex Films channel on Kink.com click here.


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