Scam Alert: Fake Greg Lansky On WhatsApp

Greg Lansky

The US-based Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an interest group for the erotic industry, has issued a warning. A scammer pretends to be the famous porn producer and director Greg Lansky on WhatsApp and tries to deceive actors and performers.

Paris-born director Greg Lansky is currently one of the hottest and most influential porn producers and directors in the world. His films celebrate the high-gloss glamour of the bygone studio days. For years now, he has been regarded as a promising figure for numerous studios that still work with large budgets. With his paid content, he operates in an environment that is usually dominated by gonzo pornography and cheaply produced clips or free tube pages.

His Vixen Media Group includes the websites Tushy, Blacked and Vixen. Three years in a row Lansky won the prestigious Director of the Year award at the AVN Awards. He has been featured in many mainstream media, and his Instagram accounts have millions of followers.

The real Lansky offers a reward to catch the scammer

Now the Free Speech Coalition had to warn against the scammer who pretends to be Greg Lansky and wants to persuade WhatsApp models and actors to transfer money to him and hand out sensible data. The notoriously litigious director has already offered a bounty for the seizure of the fraudster: he offers $5,000 for clues leading to the capture of the scammer.

This is the statement by the FSC:

A person fraudulently implying to be entrepreneur Greg Lansky has been approaching potential models in the U.S. over WhatsApp, offering to transfer money. In one case, a performer found her email hacked after corresponding with the impersonator.

Lansky, the founder of adult brands Tushy, Vixen and Blacked, is not associated with the number or account and has offered a $5000 reward to help identify the person behind the communication.

In the meantime, we urge that all performers use caution when approached by anyone claiming to be an agent, producer or director using an unfamiliar number or email. Do not provide anyone with banking information, passwords or other sensitive information.

If you have a licensed agent, have them reach out directly and make contact with any alleged producers or directors.

If you do not have a licensed agent:

Only communicate with companies through official company email accounts or established channels.

Vet any newly offered contact information by reaching out to the person with their original contact info, or through email or through established company contacts.

Avoid sending any sensitive information that could be used to access your banking, social media or email accounts.

When in doubt, contact FSC.

We ask all existing performers, as well as those seeking to work in the adult industry, to always confirm the identity of any suspicious director, agent or other contact by calling or emailing the company they claim to represent. If you are unable to reach the company, or are otherwise hesitant to do so, please contact Free Speech Coalition, and we can help confirm.

The Free Speech Coalition is currently working to investigate this possible scam. We encourage anyone who has been approached, or has any knowledge of this scam or others, to report potential incidents to us so that we may alert the community.

If you want to know more about the FSC click here. The real Greg Lansky can be reached through his website.


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