Ron Jeremy: “We All Should Take A Knee!”

The hardest working man in the Adult Industry talks Trump, racial injustice, and the future of porn.

we all should take a knee

esquire reports: ”

You probably didn’t know that Ron Jeremy has a master’s degree. You may not be aware that he cares deeply about protecting animals. You almost definitely didn’t know he once had a single that lasted 27 weeks on the Billboard charts. But if you’ve gone anywhere near pop culture in the past half-century, there’s a pretty good chance you know who he is, what he looks like, and what he does for a living. You might even know the sound of his voice.

Social media has taught us a lot about celebrities—Twitter and Instagram have opened a window into the lives and minds of our favorite stars—often to grim, disappointing results. As for Jeremy, the adult film actor whose credits include California Reaming (1986), King Kong Dongs 2 (1992), and Bruce Almighty (2003), social media has helped him reveal another side: a guy who understands civil rights better than our current president.

After Donald Trump targeted Colin Kaepernick and multiple professional athletes for kneeling in protest against racial inequality, Jeremy, a former teacher, took to Twitter to drop some knowledge of his own:

“If police were shooting white women this whole time would you be sick of white women’s lives matter? You are racist,” he said in another tweet. Jeremy didn’t stop there, responding to fans and critics alike to share his views, as well as the occasional reminder that a guy’s gotta make a living.

We reached out to Jeremy, a man who’s never afraid to make, wait for, and laugh at his own joke, to get his thoughts on Knee-gate, the current administration, and the feminist future of the adult film industry.”


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