Prosecution Not To Raise Charge Against Ron Jeremy

we all should take a knee

Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy has been in the headlines several times in recent months on charges of harassment. One of the women who publicly complained about Jeremy’s behavior had tried to file a lawsuit against the actor. However, the gossip portal TMZ has reported that this complaint was dismissed early on by the authorities.

The possibly best-known male porn star for decades, Ron Jeremy, does not have to defend his behavior in a Washington court. Gossip site TMZ reports that the local authorities will not pursue the case a radio reporter initiated with a complaint about the porn star’s behavior.

A prosecutor in Tacoma City told TMZ that the allegations will not be pursued by the authorities after a thorough investigation. Thus Ron Jeremy will still not have to answer in court for alleged grabbing and unwanted approaches leveled against him for some time now.

The radio reporter claimed that the porn legend had touched her ass and sucked her nipples without asking after the radio journalist had agreed that the actor could write his autograph on the reporter’s breasts. Also, according to TMZ, Jeremy tried to feel the vagina of the newswoman.

After questioning witnesses and viewing video footage of the incident, the investigating authorities have decided to refer the case to the local public prosecutor’s office. The latter, however, rejected the case.

After months of bad headlines about getting banned from trade shows and industry events and after the publication of statements by female porn stars about misconduct and harassment of the actor, this is a first positive sign for the seasoned porn star. However, this does not remove all accusations. Many of the accusations are under the statute of limitations or simply cannot be proven, which of course says nothing about the truth of the accusations.

For the time being, that means: in dubio pro reo. As no charges are being brought, as in many cases from the MeToo movement, it is ultimately a question of he said – she said. However, the sheer number of allegations bear their own weight.



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