Pornstar Bobbi Eden Thinks Sexual Harassment is Rare in Adult Entertainment

Renowned porn actress Bobbi Eden gave an interview to the Dutch newspaper Het Parool, commenting on the current debate on sexual harassment. She believes that the porn industry as a whole is less affected than other fields of the economy.

In an interview with Het Parool, porn star Bobbi Eden (37) has contributed to the current discussion about sexual abuse. She believes that sexual harassment is rather rare in the porn industry.

Though she herself had been raped by a colleague in her active career, she considers her experience to be rather untypical. In the interview, Eden talks about the rape by an ex-colleague, which she has also already described in her biography.

»It happened off set. The next day I had to do a scene with him. This is what I did. Afterwards I thought, ‘Did this really happen?’ But then I kept quiet.«

Eden thinks she was just scared back then. »I was afraid that as a porn actress, I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I have suffered from it for a long time, but I managed to overcome it. It helps that the guy’s now in a prison in Panama and can’t get out of there for a long time.«

The porn community in Los Angeles, Eden says, is relatively small, which is why such incidents are relatively rare. »Everybody knows everybody. She says that in her active career, it was always clear to her which ones were problematic and who to avoid. I really believe that Hollywood and the fashion world are much more affected by this.«

She finds that the campaign behind hashtag #MeToo is out of control. She fears that soon even a compliment could be seen as sexual harassment, but stresses the importance of cases of abuse coming to light.

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