Pornography offences among teenagers are exploding

Sex movies in the class chat

The number of criminal proceedings against juveniles for pornographic offences has greatly increased in recent years. In the Canton of Zurich, the figure has almost increased eightfold.

Pornography offences committed by adolescents are increasing. From 2010 to 2012, the juvenile courts of Zurich had a total of 26 proceedings against minors for prohibited pornography, while three years later, it was almost eight times more with 205 proceedings. The Canton of Aargau also recorded a tremendous increase, reported the “NZZ am Sonntag” newspaper.

Most of the offences entails the further distribution of prohibited pornographic material that are sent via group chats. It is often teachers and parents of the victims who file a complaint.

The desire to provoke

“It is a mix of boredom, lack of self-control and a desire to provoke that cause many young people to commit pornography crimes,” said Patrik Killer, head of the juvenile courts in Zurich to the newspaper. Group pressure as well as the desire to gain attention and recognition can also play a role.

Often, the young people completely disregard the consequences of their actions. “Since the young people are well networked, the videos are often quickly distributed amongst them,” said Verena Schmid from the Canton of Basel City juvenile courts. “This is a huge burden for the victims.”

A media course as punishment

The perpetrators, however, get off relatively lightly: They are often sentenced to a “personal achievement”. That may mean, for example, that the young person has to complete a media competency course to learn how to use media. There is no criminal record.

The data from the Canton of Zurich was collected in a survey from the juvenile courts. The report shows that three quarters of all juvenile porn offenders are male. On the other hand, more girls are the focus of the law enforcement authorities when it comes to defamation complaints. Instead of naked skin, the young women use insults and offensive comments.

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