Philippines Government Starts Blocking Adult Sites

MANILA — The Philippines government has reportedly ordered the blockage of adult websites.

Over the weekend, users of, and were shown web pages with messages stating that the sites have been blocked under the authority of Philippine Government pursuant to Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Law, according to CNN.

CNN said that the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) confirmed the blockage, stating it is part of its agenda to stamp out child pornography.

NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios said that all ISPs were given the directive to remove access from porn sites.

“Yes, upon the request of law enforcement agencies and the interagency council against child pornography,” Cabarios told CNN.

Martin Andanar, Philippines President Duterte’s press secretary, said that “these porn sites should really be banned because they are being used by pedophiles and other people who subscribe to child pornography sites.”

“We don’t want our youth and even the adults to be addicted to lewd videos shown in the internet,” Andanar said.

Jean Franco, a Columbia University gender studies professor, told CNN that a blanket ban on porn sites in the Philippines might be ineffective in curbing child pornography.

The new policy, Franco said, compromises the rights of adults of their freedom of expression and information. She suggested leaders should focus on sex education and teach students the adverse effects of child pornography.

“Of course, the government just wants to implement the law, but then the danger is that it may not be efficient. People will still reinvent and go around the technology,” she said.



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