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Peter Acworth Steps Down As Kink’s CEO, Alison Boden Takes His place

Alison Boden is the new CEO of Cybernet Entertainment

The founder and CEO of fetish specialist Kink.com, Peter Acworth, will step down and focus on real estate investments. Vice President Alison Boden will take his place and lead the legendary BDSM producer as well as its holding company Cybernet Entertainment. 

The company’s new CEO, Alison Boden, started her career in the industry in 2003 with a sex toy home party business model. She remained in the adult working in different roles in project management, marketing, IT and technology. She was Kink’s Vice President of technology for eight years.

Commenting on becoming Kink’s CEO, she said: »I’m honored and grateful to Peter for this extraordinary opportunity to lead Kink into the next chapter of its incredible story. Under his leadership, Kink has set the standard for ethical adult entertainment and I am wholly committed to carrying those values forward while growing our brand, our influence, and our audience.«

Under Acworth’s leadership, Kink.com became one of the biggest production companies and distributors of BDSM content on the internet. He started his adult entertainment investments in 1998 with Hogtied.com, originally as a distributor and reseller. Only when competition became fierce he ventured into production of his own content. By 2010 the company was at the height of its influence and profitability. Four years earlier Acworth bought the San Francisco Armory, a historic landmark building that he resold making around 10 times the price he bought it for.

Kink became famous for its ethical treatments of its performers and talking about the complex issue of ‘consent’ in adult while consistently pushing the limits of what could be done. Princess Donna and Lorelei Lee, who both started out on the legendary BDSM site Insex became the leading female stars of the studio, while male performers James Deen and Steve Holmes also became international stars thanks to their work for Kink.com. Revolutionary formats like PublicDisgrace and several documentaries (one by Hollywood actor James Franco) about the studio further solidified the exceptional standing of the company within the scene and abroad.

In recent years Kink.com saw a sharp decline in revenue due to stiff competition from tube sites like PornHub, as well as from the ascent of webcam and clips sites oftentimes focused on kink and fetish sex.

According to Acworth Alison Borden played a key role during the transition period for Kink.com. The lavish production studio at the San Francisco Armory was moved, and a shift in strategy towards a more distribution-focused company was also spearheaded by Borden.

Acworth said: »Alison was instrumental in the development of our new content platform. If there is anyone who can reinvent Kink.com for the new Internet which is awash with free content, it is her. She’s smart, driven and has depth of experience that’s hard to match in the industry. I’ve relied on her judgement and intuition for many years, and I’m excited to watch the company grow under her leadership.”

Boden’s mission will therefore be to create and expand the platform for third-party content without diluting the strong brand. The company’s standing within the community will probably help her a lot. She is stressing the influence Kink had in normalizing BDSM and Kink: »I’m lucky to have found a company where the mission statement isn’t about corporate profits but ending stigma. We’re going to grow this company globally, of course, but my goal is really, truly to change how society sees and understands sexuality, and this is a very concrete way of doing it.«


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