Nikki Benz assaulted during ‘rape’ scene

pornstar nikki benz raped on set

A porn producer has been fired after adult film star Nikki Benz claimed she was violently assaulted during a “horrific” shoot.

The actress said she had been choked by director Tony T while filming scenes for pornographic website Brazzers. He denies any wrongdoing.

Ms Benz claimed he had ignored her when she repeatedly called ‘Cut!’ during an alleged violent shoot after becoming unhappy at the situation. She described the incident as a “rape scene”.

In a series of tweets, Ms Benz said the experience caused her to go into shock and cry on set – the first time this has happened in her 13 years in the porn industry.

She wrote: “On set bullying, rape and violence should never happen. No means no on camera, off camera”.

The ordeal had left her “traumatized”, Ms Benz added.

Waking up in Bali…trying to enjoy my vacation but I can’t. All I can think about is what happened to me on @Brazzers set. ??

Brazzers confirmed it has now ended its association with the producer of the scene.

The company said: “We took immediate measure to sever our relationship with the producer in question.

“Not only have we terminated all existing professional engagements with the producer, but any possibility for any future endeavours with this producer have also been quashed.”

The company said it had also refused to purchase the scene in question.

Ms Benz’s “well-being and security are a paramount concern to us”, the company added, saying it had made numerous attempts to contact her about the allegations.

In an earlier statement, Brazzers, which directly employees Ms Benz as one of its biggest stars, said it respected the rights of its actors.

It said: ““Brazzers considers performers’ consent, boundaries and limits and safety to be fundamental and paramount issues and unequivocally stands for the respect of the performers. Brazzers does not condone nor does it tolerate conduct by producers that would jeopardise a performer’s security or well-being.”

Ms Benz was not happy with the company’s original response, branding it a “PR stunt”.

A representative for Tony T told gossip website TMZ he “denies the allegations and laments the actions taken by Brazzers”. He is reported to be confident his name will be cleared.


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