Natural & Naked, New At Goliath Books

natural & naked

The international publishing house Goliath Books run by publisher Miki Bunge just published Mikhail Paramonov’s new photo book »Natural & Naked«. Paramonov already published several titles at Goliath.

Goliath Books published Mikhail Paramonov’s new book »Natural & Naked«. The photo artist has also worked for Playboy and Penthouse in the past. According to the press release »Natural & Naked« will feature 300 colored photos of “Naked Russian dolls.”

A spokesperson for Goliath said: »They’re young, natural and free — just as nature intended! Straddling sofas and drinking in the moment as they strike a playful pose for the camera. Russian photographer Mikhail Paramonov captures the innocence of youth perfectly in ‘Natural & Naked.’ These fresh-faced Russian dolls will do anything to please, so slip between the sheets and get to know the real sexuality that lies within!«

The publishing house’s titles are an interesting addition to sex shops looking for expanding their catalog. If you want to know more go to


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