Interviews Mistress Cyan

Los Angeles, CA –, a no-holds barred journey into the real “50 Shades of Grey”, recently interviewed Mistress Cyan for their podcast. The lifestyle Dominatrix was on to discuss her 25 years as a member of the leather and BDSM community.

Right off the bat, Cyan’s dungeon, Sanctuary LAX came up in conversation, with jokes of how convenient it is to fly in and get flogged. She agreed and noted there are people in town for business who like to “Stop in to have a little bit of fun before they have to submit to TSA.”

In the interview Cyan discusses not only how she crossed over from the corporate world into BDSM, but the real “Old Guard” process of starting as a submissive and transforming into a dominant top. She also mentioned how these experiences are why she speaks at universities about BDSM, and how this lead to her educational work on BDSM.

Kinky Cast asked about the impact of the 50 Shades of Grey movies. Cyan noted it has brought curious couples to classes and parties at Sanctuary LAX. “We get a lot of couples who are into it, but they want to learn how to do it safely,” said Mistress Cyan.

On business side, and Cyan announced that Sanctuary LAX is relaunching their webcam and content services. She explained the evolution of BDSM club business and how important outreach and transparency are in relation to local government.

To listen to the podcast go to—mistress-cyan-in-los.html


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