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Saturday, December 3, 2022

While Kink.com Will Leave Its Signature Building, The Club Will Stay

Armory Club

The Armory Club, a beloved bar and lounge will stay in the iconic building even though Kink.com sold the historic Armory and left the city of San Francisco.  

Jason Humberstone, the manager at the Armory Club, a mainstay in the San Francisco kink scene, said: »While production [at Kink] has moved on, and the company has taken new offices, we’re glad to be able to keep that spirit alive in San Francisco«. The presence of Kink.com, the leading BDSM fetish producer worldwide, famed for its after scene interviews and dedicated performers, made San Francisco and its armory the defacto capital of the worldwide fetish community.

Humberstone added: »The Armory Club has benefited from being part of the Kink family, but our success never rested on that. Over the years, we built up a dedicated clientele by providing well-made, creative cocktails in a unique and liberated setting. There wasn’t anything like it when we opened, and there’s still nothing like it.«

The club opened its doors in 2012 while Kink.com was becoming a global force in fetish and BDSM related content. Up until last year, the studio shot its often genre-bending material on location. The club was the studio’s club for nearly a decade. And the club is still owned by Peter Acworth, the studio’s founder and CEO.

While initially there seemed to be some confusions it seems to be clear now that Kink.com sold the Armory building to Soho House, a hotel and club operator. Apparently the new owner is planning to install a high-class club in the building. According to several news reports the historic building was sold for $65 million. Back in its early days the fetish specialist bought the Armory for $14.5 million. A lucrative deal for the studio under pressure by tube sites like PornHub and changing viewers habits.

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