Collaborating With Rednex

Fundorado proudly presents: A brand new music video from Rednex

Finally on November 17th the time has come. launches a campaign with the cult band Rednex, who rose to international fame in the 90s with their single »Cotton Eye Joe«. In 2018 the song »Manly Man«  was released on Youtube. The hit inspired the erotic platform FunDorado to create an impressive new edition in two different versions.

A censored version will also be featured on Youtube. On the other hand, an exclusive, uncensored version will be available on, with images like you have never seen before from Rednex. In addition, a ten-minute clip with explicit scenes of the actresses Vanessa Rose, Eva Pickel and Sirena Sweet and the actor Bodo Banger will be released. These will of course also play an important role in the music video.

The music video shows a scenic saloon in the fictional Western town »El Dorado Templin«, where people party, laugh and flirt. On stage, Rednex performs their country dance song »Manly Man«, while the aforementioned girls drive the men in the saloon crazy. Thus the video radiates a lot of fun, naked skin and a stylish overall picture, where it is sometimes hard not to be distracted by the beautiful women.

But that’s not all! On the set, Aaron Troschke from the YouTube channel »Hey Aaron!!!« is available to help the production team as an intern. During the internship Aaron is again given entertaining tasks which he masters with bravura in his own way. You can look forward to funny footage from the video shoot and erotic performances by the girls. This action for the shoot will also be available for all members on next week.

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View the “Hats-Only”-Version on Youtube

This is the original (old) version.


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