FSC Offering Adult-Friendly Insurance Navigator

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The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) created a partnership with an insurance company called Reisert. This way the influential group wants to help people working in adult entertainment to get access to better healthcare opportunities.

The FSC announced a partnership with the insurance company Reisert. The partnership tries to make it easier for adult entertainment workers to get health care. Through the program it will be possible to get access to a representative explaining different insurance option. Among them will be the embattled Affordable Care Act.

Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition said: »We know adult industry workers and businesses often face stigma and discrimination when dealing with healthcare professionals. We hope this partnership will enable everyone from performers and producers to make-up artists and manufacturers to find the best plan for the business they’re in.«

From now on industry workers will be able to call a free hotline to get information about the service that serves as a door opener to get access to adult-friendly insurance representatives. There is no financial connection between FSC and Reisert and there won’t be any commissions paid to FSC on any insurance plans.

Leue continued: »As the industry trade association, we work hard to secure better deals for our workers and members, whether it be banking, billing, retail or healthcare. Our workers deserve the respect and rights afforded to workers in any other industry.«

US citizens can sign up for ACA coverage until Dec. 15. In California – still porn industry’s Silicon Valley – there is another program called Covered California. People interested can sign up for coverage until January 31. If you want to know more about the FSC’s new partnership click here.


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