Fit4Fun Says: Masturbation Is Healthy!


Spring, all new, the bodies awaken to new life. All the world is cleaning up in spring, becoming cheerful and looking forward to summer. But May is also the international month of masturbation. The lifestyle magazine Fit4Fun has taken this as an occasion to list the advantages of frequent masturbation.

The fact that masturbation is not only not a sin, but an essential component of sexual and physical health, is now relatively widespread general knowledge. Nevertheless, the topic is still being talked about in a rather bashful way.

For the sex toy industry, there is still a lot to do to break down prejudices and make events such as the masturbation month fruitful for additional educational work and sales. The magazine Fit4Fun provides assistance in arguing and conveys to its readers five reasons apart from joy and desire, which speak for frequent masturbation.

  1. The secret fountain of youth: Sex keeps you young

First, according to the magazine, there is an anti-aging effect. Orgasms are much cheaper than Botox and cosmetic surgery. And they are much more fun.

The premium manufacturer LELO, which has been exhibiting at VENUS for years, also shares this view. The company writes that sex obviously can slow down the aging process, regardless of sex alone or as a couple.

The bestselling author and gynecologist Sheila de Liz also supports this assumption. Frequent sex keeps the vagina young. Fit4Fun also reports that a long-term study of couples concluded that people look up to ten years younger when they have a harmonious relationship and have sex three times a week.

2. Stress management: combating diseases of civilization

Masturbation is also very important for physical relaxation, stress reduction and inner recovery. Orgasms help enormously with stress reduction. Fit4Fun has looked at a study by the University of Maryland.

Often, however, it is the stress and tension that stand in the way of lovemaking. This is where masturbation can be helpful and have a positive effect on the partnership in the long run.

3. Mental health: the brain also benefits

A study by Australian researchers M. Panjari and Susan R. Davis has shown that an increased concentration of DHEA in the body helps to keep the brain, skin and tissue healthy. DHEA plays an important role in human sexuality. They are precursors of the sexual steroids from which, according to Fit4Fun, the body u uses to produce male and female sex hormones.

So if you not only want to look young and go through life with a relaxed attitude but also want to stay mentally strong for a long time, you should help yourself to orgasms more often. Whether with or without a partner.

4. stronger defenses: orgasms against flu

In a study quoted by LELO, it has been scientifically proven that men who “masturbate more often have a higher leukocyte level”, which means that their immune system functions better and is better equipped to deal with the disease.

People that orgasm more frequently also have more immunoglobulin A in their saliva. This is also a positive factor in the defense against pathogens.

5. Good mood: orgasms are fun, duh!

As everyone knows from personal experience, after sex and after an orgasm, one is usually in an extremely good mood. This is due to the increased oxytocin levels in the body, which are released during the climax.

Masturbation should, therefore, have a direct positive effect on our appearance and our attitude and view of the world. In couples, oxytocin, which is popularly called the cuddle hormone, also triggers greater confidence and reduces anxiety.

In short: Orgasms make us healthier and happier all around and should be part of our daily self-care. The fact that it is usually the most beautiful together remains unaffected.


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