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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

FanCentro’s Newest Addition? Trumps Favorite Pornstar Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels continues her round of cashing in on her renewed fame caused by the latest scandal surrounding the infamous President of the United States. His alleged affair with the pornstar and the failed attempts to keep it a secret made worldwide headlines. Now Stormy Daniels signed up with the platform FanCentro.

After signing an exclusive studio contract with Digital Playground effectively leaving her old studio Wicked Stormy Daniels capitalizes on her new found fame and partners up with FanCentro to get in touch with fans more directly.

»As the online market for models continues to become increasingly competitive across a wide array of social networks and media outlets, the most savvy influencers and biggest names in entertainment continue to choose FanCentro to gain an advantage. Now, international celebrity superstar Stormy Daniels has launched her own FanCentro.com/StormyDaniels profile and she is quickly becoming one of the most popular starlets on the entire platform,« said a representative for FanCentro.

He added: »Stormy Daniels is already a legend online, famous for many things she has accomplished throughout more than 15 years in the spotlight. Her brand has proven staying power as a multifaceted performer, director, and social media influencer. With Wicked since 2002 and recently signed to a new deal with Digital Playground, the growth of her global stardom continues to gain intensity.«

Stormy Daniels also commented on her new partnership and profile on FanCentro: »Notoriety and attention are one thing, being able to harness an audience for a commercial purpose is something else entirely and that’s what FanCentro does best. The last few months have been quite a whirlwind, so having a team of talented professionals taking care of all the technical aspects of my online brand is proving to be especially important and the FanCentro team is terrific to work with at every step along the way.«

By now the successful platform has more than 10,000 performers, models and content creators signed up for their services.

»We are thrilled to be working with Stormy Daniels. Anytime we have the opportunity to work together with a forward-thinking, ambitious and hard-working talent like Ms. Daniels the results are extraordinary,« said Andrea Fioriniello of FanCentro.

If you are interested in becoming a performer on FanCentro yourself, go to FanCentro.com/sell.


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