Everyone is talking, she did it: Texas Patti has hit the ground running in the USA

Even though porn is experiencing bankruptcy in Germany, see videorama insolvency 2016, a German talent is succeeding in the USA. Germany’s most successful active porn actress was recently nominated for an AVN award, she signed a contract in January at the exhibition in Las Vegas with OC Modelling, one of the most prestigious agencies in the States. Shortly after, she did her first shoots in Los Angeles.

Just in time for Christmas, Bettina Habig aka “Texas Patti” learnt that she was nominated for an award in USA. As the first German ever to have ever filmed in USA, she was nominated by the fans for an award in the category “Most Epic Ass”.

Originally from Muenster, she became known when the BILD newspaper questioned the double morals of her former manager. He fired the trained dental assistant after he saw a DVD with her portrait on the counter of an erotic shop. Afterwards, the career took a turn for the best and countless prizes followed among them the Venus Award, which she won several times, for best actress as well as advertising contracts. Since 2015, she is the exclusive face for Beate Uhse TV. She is also extremely successful in social media and has over 97,000 Facebook fans, 115,000 followers on Instagram and approximately 36,000 on Twitter.


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