Cupcake Sinclair on And Now We Drink with Annie Cruz

Los Angeles, CA – The sinfully sweet fetish model Cupcake Sinclair was a special guest on “And Now We Drink” , a podcast hosted by adult star Annie Cruz and Matt Slayer.

Appearing with her was adult performer and bondage expert Tim “Pro Villain” Woodman, and right away the conversation went to how and why Sinclair did a BDSM video of Pro Villain nailing her breasts to a piece of wood.

“I got bored!” joked Sinclair. Then she explained that Pro Villain was sexting her and joking around about scene ideas. “And I took him seriously. When you fantasize about something, then you have to make it a reality. That’s what I do.”

“She must have said something about being squirmy,” Pro Villain exclaimed “And I said ‘How about if I nailed your tits to a table and let my friends take turns on your ass for a while?’ She writes back in all caps ‘Oh my god, we have to shoot that!’ That’s when you know you have something special.”

Sinclair went on to discuss her favorite stories from the AVN Show in Las Vegas, how she and Pro Villain met, how she got started as a bondage performer, camming and the even wilder things she’s done on stage at Club Anarchy and at Sanctuary Studios LAX, a famous SoCal BDSM dungeon.

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Cupcake Sinclair works as a professional submissive at Sanctuary, and is available for non-sex sessions involving bondage, spanking and more. Bondage, kink and fetish fans can meet Sinclair at The Lair at Adult Entertainment Expo, January 24-27, 2018, at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. For details, go to

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@subbie_cupcake on Twitter
@cupcakesinclair on Instagram
@Cupcakes-and-Cum on Fetlife


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