Crowdfunding For Stormy Daniels Now Way Over $250,000

stormy crowdfunding

Porn actress Stormy Daniels has already earned a quarter of a million dollars after just a few days during a crowdfunding campaign to finance her legal dispute with Donald J. Trump. 

Shortly before, Trump’s attorneys announced that Trump’s team would sue the actress for $20 million in damages because the president believes that the actress had breached a confidentiality agreement in which $130,000 were paid to the porn star in order to keep an alleged affair between her and Trump secret.

Apparently, the actress can count on broad support. More than 8,000 people have donated to the campaign on the crowdfunding website CrowdJustice.

However, Daniels will need much more money, because in addition to the possible damages she might have to pay, she will probably face additional legal fees. She herself brought a recent lawsuit against the president to have the nondisclosure agreement retroactively invalidated. Daniels argues that the agreement never came into force because Trump did not sign it at all.

The conflict is currently heading for a first climax because all the legal skirmishes take place prior to the broadcast of an interview of the actress with the CBS program “60 Minutes”. The interview, which has already been recorded, is scheduled to be broadcast on 25 March and Daniels is expected to speak openly about the affair in the interview. If the confidentiality agreement were valid, she would break it at the latest with the broadcasting of the interview.

Daniel’s lawyer said on MSNBC last Saturday: »I am highly confident that when [the American people] have an opportunity to hear from my client, when they have an opportunity to observe her body language and hear what she has to say that they will conclude that she is absolutely credible, and they will conclude that she has a significant amount of veracity and is to be believed.«

The affair evolves into a gargantuan farce in no way inferior to the spectacle surrounding the then affair of US President Clinton with his intern Monica Lewinsky. One almost feels compelled to quote Marx, who wrote in his book »The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte«: »Hegel noticed somewhere that all great world-historical facts and persons happen twice, so to speak. He forgot to add: one time as tragedy, the other time as farce.«





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