Colbert Dives Deep Into Pornhub’s Data Trove

Late Night Host Stephen Colbert is looking at Pornhub’s data and connects the dots between the US Election and porn consumption.

Late Night Host Stephen Colbert, one of the most outspoken critics of Donald J. Trump is having a lot of fun with Pornhub’s recent publication of stats.

Sitting at his desk Colbert, the host whose ratings spiked since the US election, started the 3-minutes long segment with dancing around the fact that because of strict regulations for openly accessible tv stations he was not allowed to say Pornhub’s name.

He then took a deep dive into the data and noticed that »on Election Night in the U.S., overall traffic [to Pornhub] grew 10% after Donald Trump officially won the presidency …« He went on looking into the state by state analysis of typos people do while searching for porn.


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