Casting in Costa Rica to take part in adult movie was cancelled

An ad published in social media invited those interested in participating in a casting to take part of a porn film.

The casting was supposed to take place in a five-star hotel in Escazu, but interested parties had to pay $200.00 to be considered. “Candidates must be over 21 years-old, have good personal hygiene, be willing participants and present recent blood tests”, read the ad.

Victor Labanderi, who was in charge of the calling, confirmed he represents a professional company seeking for talent to take part on adult films; the casting was open to both heterosexual and homosexual interested parties.

“Candidates will have to arrive at the hotel, provide their ID, information has to be sent previously by email, and then proceed to a room for the casting, where I, Victor Labanderi, and a porn actress will be present”, said Labanderi to a local newspaper.

Gustavo Araya, president of the Costa Rican Hotels Chamber stated: “It is not illegal, as long as there are no minors involved, but personally I would not do allow that in a hotel of my property. What is wrong is to make participants pay to take part in the casting”.

Labanderi confirmed to CRHOY that the casting had been suspended because the hotel where the casting was going to take place rejected them due to the type of activity.

About the payment, the organizer said “It’s a serious production company, the room is not free, the ladies’ time is not free, and my time is not free”. According to the ad, the selected candidates would get paid $2,000.00 per scene.

“I am only going to pick 5 out of the 20 candidates I already have, and I will film the movie; this movie wasn’t even going to be seen here”,

SOURCEThe Costa Rica Star


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