Call For Entries: CineKink Festival 2018

cinekink registration 2018
CineKink started a call for entries. The »kinky film festival« is looking for new movies for its 15th season in 2018.
The movie festival CineKink is dedicated to sex-positive and kink-friendly movies and short-movies in film and television. Its self-defined mission is to blur all boundaries. The successful festival series just concluded its 14th season and is now considering entries from both the mainstream film world and the adult. The festival is open to all kinds of categories ranging from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental. As a festival with »boundary issues« contents can be mild or graphic.

The 15th CineKink will take place in March 2018. The touring festival will kick off in New York City with a short film competition and a gala event. The traditional nationwide tour starts in the following month. The tour will showcase selections from the festival.All fetishes and sexual orientations are welcome and range from BDSM, leather and fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, role play and gender-bending, as well as representations of sex work and adult entertainment documentaries. Any length and genre will be eligible for submission to the curated sex film festival.

Additional information, as well as submission guidelines, can be found here.



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