CalExotics Sponsoring Harvard University’s »Sex Week«

The Harvard University is currently hosting »Sex Week«. This year, the sponsor of the ongoing event running until November 12th is the sextoy manufacturer CalExotics.

CalExotics is a sex toy company from California and has become the official sponsor of »Sex Week« at the Ivy league university Harvard. The programme, which has been running since 5 November, will focus on sex and gender issues.

Susan Colvin is the CEO and founder of CalExotics, the self-proclaimed leading sextoy manufacturer in the world. In a statement on the company’s commitment to Sex Week, she says: »Education is a key component to ensuring we succeed in our mission of helping people find more joy in their lives. It is simple: the more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make good decisions when it comes to your body and overall sexual health.«

CalExotics was founded in 1994 and regards itself as a service provider for sexual health and has been providing educational services from the very beginning. The company has built up an excellent reputation and has played a major role in the emergence of the current boom in the sextoy industry.

Sex Week at Harvard University is organized by the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard College (SHEATH). It wants to bring people and groups together to discuss sexuality in an open and wide-ranging fashion.

Students can participate in 12 different seminars during Sex Week. Topics include: »Sex Toys 101: Feel Those Good Vibrations« or »Unleashed: Kink 101«. There will also be a workshop to clear up numerous myths and false assumptions about sexual topics. CalExotics will donate gift baskets with sextoys to participants of Sex Week.

Lita Peña, one of the two presidents of SHEATH, commented on the company’s commitment: »I cannot thank CalExotics enough. They are extremely generous. The company has been such a fabulous partner of Sex Week throughout the years, and we’re so excited about their amazing products.«

A complete list of events can be found here.



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