Burger King to sell adult-only meal with adult toy for Valentine’s Day

The adult-only meal is available on Valentine’s Day, and is on sale from 6pm today – and includes a ‘romantic adult toy’

MOST of us would probably be pretty annoyed if our romantic Valentine’s Day date turned into a cheap meal at a fast food restaurant.

But Burger King is looking to break that stigma, by introducing an adults-only meal.

Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Burger King are hoping to capitalise on the idea with their new meals – which are only available from 6pm today.

The special selection, which is only available to those over 18, is boxed up just like a McDonald’s Happy Meal, and includes a “romantic adult toy”.

However, according to the advert, the options are a lacy blindfold, tiny feather duster and head massager – which aren’t quite as risqué as some people might be imagining.



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