APAC Extends Stamp of Approval to Directors, Producers

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee has announced its extension of the APAC Stamp of Approval program to directors and producers.

According to the committee, the APAC Stamp is a method of providing performers with resources adhering to the Model Bill of Rights, protecting their rights and safety.

Several professionals outside of the industry, including doctors and lawyers, have received the stamp and are listed on the APAC website as performer-safe resources. APAC now offers this stamp to directors and producers to convey that they are professional companies that will treat performers with respect and courtesy, as outlined in the Model Bill of Rights.

All stamp-holders are listed on the APAC website, signifying they are aware of and abide by the Model Bill of Rights. Repeated violations of the Bill of Rights will result in revocation of the stamp and removal of their listing from the APAC site.

As a way to foster professionalism and trust within the industry, APAC also encourages performers to respect the Performer Code of Conduct.

“A safe and professional work environment is a primary concern of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee,” explains an APAC spokesperson. “Cultivating a safe and professional work environment is the responsibility of the entire industry [and] APAC looks forward to using this step as a foundation to bettering the adult film community.”

Individuals interested in receiving the APAC Stamp can email apac.information@gmail.com or call (818) 927-2903.



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