Adult Industry Show to host live broadcast at adult events worldwide

Adult industry events are about to get a major boost in exposure and visibility as the producer of the new Adult Industry Show is proposing to become one of their media partners.

The production team will be hosting a series of live broadcast each year at adult industry expos, seminars, summit and conferences around the world.

This is another great opportunity for event organizers to offer additional global exposure to their exhibitors. The broadcast has a potential audience of millions of listeners worldwide.

Charlie Spice Adult Radio
Radio Host Charlie Spice

Each day during the event, the host Charlie Spice conducts live, interactive interviews with the Organisers, Exhibitors, Participants and Visitors. Participation in interviews can be done from anywhere in the exhibition hall, via Skype to telephone call-in number.

There is no cost to participate in these interviews.

To host a live broadcast at an adult industry event, the production team of Adult Industry Show require the following assistance from the organizers:

1) High speed Internet access.
2) Small space at the event to conduct interviews.
3) Table and 3 chairs.
4) Assistance in selecting member(s) of the event management team to co-host the broadcast. This is done via Skype of telephone.
5) Assistance in selecting exhibitors to participate in guest interviews.
6) Assisting in promoting the Live Broadcast to visitors to tune in to the show online.

Promotion via the live broadcast is on a long term basis. All episodes are published in the archives indefinitely so that listeners can tune in at anytime in the future.

Therefore all ads and interviews can be heard by millions of listeners over an indefinite period of time.

For more information about the Adult Industry Show, please visit the website at


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