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XBIZ Awards Go Europe With XBIZ EUROPA Awards

XBiz Awards Europe 2018

One of the leading forces in adult trade shows, industry reporting and award show provider will venture into the European market. XBIZ will launch the initial XBIZ Europa Awards in September. The event will take place in Berlin during the annual XBIZ Berlin.

XBIZ has organized trade shows in London and Berlin but so far the XBIZ Awards were strictly American. Moe Helmy, a director at XBIZ, said proudly: »Our annual XBIZ Awards show in Los Angeles has set the gold standard, gathering the most influential players from across the industry for a night of red-carpet glitz and glam, honoring the very best in the business unlike any other event. Last year saw the overwhelmingly successful debut of the XBIZ Cam Awards in Miami, and now new for 2018, XBIZ is pleased to bring its elite awards show experience to Europe, recognizing leading stars, products and brands with a level of prestige that only XBIZ delivers.«

Leah Mahi, responsible for marketing at XBIZ added: »I’m so excited to help bring our first-ever European awards show to the community. Over the years, we have received numerous requests to create an awards show specifically for the European market since the region has not received the recognition it so richly deserves from a full-fledged media organization. With the debut of the XBIZ Europa Awards, top stars, creators and companies will finally receive the recognition that these honors bestow.«

There are many awards shows out there, but AVN, XBIZ and Venus are the most important ones for the German market. With XBIZ Europa there will be another important industry event to add to the calendar. All these awards are there to celebrate and market remarkable achievements within the adult industry.

Sara Ramirez, associate publisher at XBIZ said: »Europe is a hotbed of activity for the industry and the focus of much of its current attention, making XBIZ’s increasing involvement in this vital region a welcome development for all.«

If you want to know more, go to EuropaAwards.XBIZ.com.


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