WOW Tech Looking For Sex Toy Testers

wow tech sucht sextoy tester

The German WOW Tech Group is looking for product testers for its brands Womanizer and We-Vibe. All in the name of science, users are being asked to test the sex toys and report on their experiences with the devices. In the end, they are allowed to keep the respective toy.

In order to better meet customer needs and develop new products, WOW Tech wants to carry out a large-scale test series with voluntary testers of the in-house brands Womanizer and We-Vibe.

Johanna Rief is head of communications at WOW Tech and says cheekily: »We masturbate for science!« According to the company, truly reliable results can only be achieved through honest customer experiences and reports. Rief adds: »But this only works if we incorporate the opinions and feedback of our users directly into product development.«

In the past, the Group’s toys have often undergone extensive development phases. Each new product idea is initially tested by ten to twenty employees. In the second stage, 100 external reviewers are involved in testing both the strengths and weaknesses of a new product.

Now the number of testers is to be expanded. The WOW Tech team has come up with a campaign that takes it a huge step farther. Already 1000 men and women are registered for the project called »Masturbateam«. So far only Europe-wide, in 2020 the campaign is to be expanded worldwide.

To participate is quite simple, Ruf says: »Interested people can register free of charge and receive an e-mail as soon as a product is available that fits their preferences. If you then send a short reply that you want to participate in the test, you will receive a neutral package.«

Subsequently, the user can test the product extensively. Afterward, a questionnaire is to be filled out, which is evaluated internally by WOW Tech. The company states that all data will be anonymized and the postal address will be deleted from the data records after delivery of the product. Since the products of the WOW Tech Group are not quite cheap, it may be worthwhile for some to take part in the study.

Further information can be found on the website of the WOW Tech Group.


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