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Womanizer Pop-Up Store to Open in Berlin

Sex toy maker Womanizer announced the opening of a pop-up store in Germany’s capital Berlin. It will open from December 1-2 in the Seven Star Gallery on Gormannstraße. The catch? The shop will feature a soundproof room so potential clients can test the Womanizer before buying it.

Berlin will be the first location for a pop-up story by sex toy maker Womanizer. It will open for 2 days from December 1-2. Johanna Rief from Womanizer said: »We are still noticing that women are hesitant to buy sex toys. Many of them are unsure of how much benefit a sex toy will bring to their sex life. We want to show these women otherwise; that’s why we are offering the chance to experience the quality and sensations in-store.«

As a way to draw crowds into the store Womanizer will give away free Womanizers for the first 100 women trying out the product at the store.

To mark the occasion Womanizer is also testing its new slogan and campaign: »Orgasm is a human right«. While sex toys are booming 1 in 3 women still say that they never experienced an orgasm.

Womanizer is working with Try No Agency to launch the campaign. Friedrich Tromm, founder of the agency said: »It is quite something to claim that Womanizer products will finally enable every woman to achieve an orgasm. It sounds more like an empty advertising promise. That’s why we want women to experience the reality for themselves.«

It remains to be seen if Christmas shopping and sexual experimentations on location will go together. If so, there will be merry Christmas, indeed.


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