Watch Out Berlusconi: Rocco Siffredi For President?

Rocco Siffredi

Italy’s government is in turmoil – again. And Silvio Berlusconi, the populist media tycoon who governed the country four times and is in constant legal trouble, thinks he might have a chance to find himself again elected Prime Minister of Italy. But now the legendary porn icon Rocco Siffredi announced his candidacy. For now, no one knows how serious the star is about this.

The Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi, whose life has been the topic of a Netflix documentary, announced last week on social media that he plans to run for office in his homeland Italy. In the video, he said, »I’ve decided to become a candidate for new president of the Italian Republic«.


He added, »I will be your candidate. For a hard Italy. For an Italy that can go back to the way things were. Guys, you know it: to make things fun, who better than me?«

While it is highly likely that it is mainly a publicity stunt, Siffredi hopes his fans support his latest endeavour. He wants to make sure »that finally politics are no longer that boring and sad thing we were used to.«

He also said, »After all, it is well known that I have done more good for the country than all politics put together.«

In the past the veteran adult performer was the subject of a grassroots campaign for the Italian presidency. Several fans tried to get him to go into politics. So maybe he listened? After all the Italian government is in desperate need of a rock solid politician.


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