VENUS Berlin Interviews & Portraits #11: Mystim

Mystim at the VENUS convention in Berlin 2019

The booth of Mystim, the German expert for electrostimulation and sophisticated chastity devices for the penis, attracted a lot of visitors and retailers this year. This was largely due to the eye-catching masturbator the company designed with Micaela Schäfer. A replica of her vaginal orifice constitutes the interior of the men’s toy unveiled at VENUS.

Christoph Hofmann is Managing Director of Mystim, one of the so-called Hidden Champions from Germany, basically one of those medium-sized companies that occupy a worldwide leading position in their specific field. In the high-end market for toys for e-stiml enthusiasts, no one can ignore the company managed by Hofmann and his wife Jessica.

On the occasion of the fair we met him to talk about the main attraction of this year’s Mystim booth at VENUS Berlin. The fuss was largely about an oversized replica of a vaginal opening that was prominently displayed on the back wall of the stand. It attracted a lot of interest from visitors. We wanted to know what this had to do with the new product created by the innovative company from Alzenau.

VAN: What did you decide to showcase at VENUS Berlin this year?

Hofmann: Here we have our new masturbator, which we call Opus Mica. Why? Quite simply, as you can see here at the booth, we collaborated with Micaela Schäfer, who has also been the face of VENUS for several years. We made a copy of Micaela Schäfer’s vagina because she is Germany’s biggest erotic star and a lot of men dream about her.

VAN: She was just at the booth and caused a lot of excitement. Her popularity is really unbroken. You can feel that immediately, no?

Hofmann: Exactly. And with the help of Opus Mica, many men can now enjoy a taste of Micaela’s vagina. But we decidedl to offer Micaela’s fans and our customers something unique. Many masturbators available on the market have a straight vaginal canal. However, this is not realistic at all. A vagina is not straight inside, but wave-shaped. We have reproduced this shape as well so that you get as realistic an experience as possible.

VAN: At Mystim there is always a lot of love for detail involved in designing a product, which means that fans of Micaela can expect more than just a gimmick with a licensed name. You can immediately see that the design of the toy is very sophisticated. But what did Mystim have in mind to give the masturbator its own unique flair?

Hofmann: We actually created a few special features. In addition to Micaela’s replica and the Mystim design, we’ve made the side of the toy squeezable so that you can make it narrower or wider as you like while masturbating. At this point, there is also a slide regulator on the side, which ensures that if you insert the penis with lubricant and air escapes at the back, you can tighten it here and control the air supply inside to adjust the vacuum. This leads to a suction effect. And in addition, we have a mounting for the wall, with which you can have sex while standing without having to use your hands at all. This also works wonderfully in the shower.

There is also a heating rod that you can insert into the toy beforehand to warm up the material so that it feels absolutely real.

VAN: When will the product be in stores?

Hofmann: The Opus Mica has just been introduced at VENUS. So the toy will be available in the stores in the coming days. The first reactions have been very good.

VAN: As one of the few manufacturers, you have focused very strongly on the field of men’s toys. Aside from Opus Mica, what else is new in that category?

Hofmann: We also have other masturbators on display, the collection is called Opus E. These devices also work with electrostimulation. You can connect them to the Powerbox, for which we are widely known. With these toys you can stimulate yourself with electric stimulation while masturbating. The masturbators are available with a vaginal entrance, an anal entrance and with a so-called donut entrance, if you prefer it gender-neutral.

VAN: Many thanks for the interview!

More information about Opus Mica and other Mystim products can be found on the manufacturer’s website. The link to the conversation with Jessica Hofmann about the Mystim novelties at the VENUS Berlin 2018 can be found here.


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