Venus Award for Most Innovative Influencer Platform Goes to FanCentro

Last Thursday FanCentro was awarded the prestigious Venus Award for Most Innovative Influencer Platform. The Berlin-based jury was impressed by the company’s achievements.
FanCentro grew fast and impressively in the last few years. It outpaced its own expectations and now features more than 3,000 independent performers. Stan D’Aman of FanCentro said: »When we reached the 2,000 performer plateau, some thought we would start slowing down. Personally, I expected us to keep growing, but I had no idea our growth was about to accelerate as much as it has. We blew through all the intermediary milestones like a racecar and now with 3,000 in our rearview mirror, the 4,000 milestone is already quickly approaching. If you are an affiliate and want to make bank on fresh new faces, FanCentro is the first place you ought to be looking.«
FanCentro offers an easy and interactive way to connect performers and fans through one centralized backend platform. The interface and workflow for models become easy so they can concentrate on what they specialize in creating great content.
FanCentro’s system is also well liked among affiliates because it is fully integrated with the MCProfits program. That is one of the reasons new talents get lured into signing up on a daily basis.
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