Texas Patti’s Borderless Tour Through Europe

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Texas Patti has taken her European tour as an opportunity to connect the current developments in the world with a new personal credo. She and her team have turned Corona, the war in Ukraine and the difficulties in the EU into a slogan that stands for freedom: »Borderless«.

About her tour through Europe Texas Patti said: »I see my mission primarily to inspire and entertain people. Therefore, the new motto was a way for me to approach people and my fans with something positive.«

Her journey through Europe also took Texas Patti to Germany. At four fan meetings she was able to meet more than 1,600 fans who got the opportunity to finally get close to their star. Texas Patti said: »I’m so incredibly proud of my fans because every single one of them is the reason I get to live this life and this dream with my team.«

Her current biggest and most elaborate film series is »Fake Flight«, the planning and production of which VENUS has already reported on. The porn star’s European tour naturally served to promote the steamy project, which involves filming sex above the clouds during flights. Of course, Fake Flight also fits particularly well with Texas Patti’s new motto »borderless«, because above the clouds there are no borders.

Texas Patti emphasizes once again how complex the preparations for Fake Flight have been: »It took two full years to get Fake Flight off the ground. From the idea to the final release. So you ask yourself, what is it about a new series that takes so long? Well, until we finally had all the permits, it took 12 months. Because our goal was not to fake the airplane scenes at all.«

Since not only professionals but also amateur couples are allowed to participate in the series, the planning is particularly complex. The better known the series became, the more professional and well-known performers wanted to participate, Texas Patti is happy to report: »When word got out that we were doing this, we had 64 inquiries from pro actors asking if they could participate. Of course, that makes us super proud.«

The European tour in spring 2022 was a great success for Texas Patti. She was able to complete 22 bookings in 18 days and is happy about her continuing popularity at home and abroad. The fact that she has not lost the desire for sex is evident in all her professional success and she emphasizes it again and again: »I mean that I love sex and ANAL and DP, well, that’s no secret. But all of this was also super good for my EGO. Of course it’s great for the soul when you’re in demand as a MILF. After 13 years in the industry, it makes me especially proud and happy to still be in such demand by the fans and the community.«

In short succession, the VENUS star worked for internationally known studios such as Brazzers, Czech VR, Virtual Taboo and Rocco Siffredi, in short: the first league in the adult business. All this should ensure that her fans will continue to get a boundlessly good, erotic dose of Texas Patti in the future. Whether above the clouds or on the gro


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