Texas Patti & Anny Aurora Moving In Together

Deutsche Porno-WG in Hollywood: Texas Patti & Anny Aurora

Two of the most popular German porn actresses want to open a special kind of flat-sharing community in LA. Texas Patti & Anny Aurora will move together.

Texas Patti and her husband Patrick Habig have moved from the tranquil German city of Münster to the epicenter of the porn industry, L.A. in California. The couple jointly runs the studio Texas Patti Movie, which also includes the label Texas Patti Productions.

Both see a bigger future for Texas Patti’s career as well as for the joint venture in the USA. Although the porn actress, who has won several Venus Awards and was the PR personality for Beate Uhse TV for many years, is a megastar in Germany, she is also well established in the USA.

10 Years of Career in Germany – Now her headquarters will be in Los Angeles

In total, the actress has shot over 500 scenes in Germany, as well as many for some of the largest studios in the USA, including Brazzers, Gamma Films and FTVGirls. The global porn brands ModelCentro and Reality Lovers have also used Texas Patti as their brand ambassador.

The couple currently lives in a high-rise building in Hollywood. Texas Patti says about the move: »Our first reason to move to LA is it was our dream to life in LA one day. LA is the Mecca of our wonderful industry and after 10 years working in Germany and Europe we would like to work in the Champions League of the business.«

She is convinced: »The business opportunities here in the States are much better than in Germany, especially for our two new projects it was important to be in the USA

Many plans in Hollywood

The couple has a lot on their mind. Texas Patti wants to take off in the milf area, in particular, her husband, who has made films in Germany for Sky among others, wants to gain a stronger foothold as a director.

And then there’s the plan to set up a porn flat with Anny Aurora. The two have already shared a spectacular joint booth at the last VENUS Berlin.

»Anny Aurora and I will live together from May 2019 in Hollywood. Anny Aurora is the other successful talent from Germany who moved to the US just like me. Anny is a SPIEGLER GIRL and won 2 awards in 2017 and 2018 in Germany. Since 18 months smart, sweet, sexy Anny and I have been working on a new idea that we are going to release next month.«

Texas Patti doesn’t want to reveal more details yet, but she promises that there will be more to tell pretty soon and her German and international fans will find out more about the project.


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