Stephanie Alys, Co-Founder of MysterVibe, Opened the London Stock Exchange

The opening of a stock exchange is a huge honor normally reserved for luminaries, celebrities and business tycoons. With MysteryVibe’s Stephanie Alys this honor went to someone from the sex-tech industry for the first time ever.

The entrepreneur was a finalist in Veuve Cliquot’s Business Woman Award and was among other British businesswomen opening the exchange. Stephanie Alys, CPO at MysteryVibe, knew what this meant for her industry: »Being invited to open the London Stock Exchange is a testament to how mainstream sex-tech is becoming. There’s a long way to go, but we’re getting there.«

Stephany Alys is co-founder and CPO at MysterVibe. The interesting abbreviation stands for Chief Pleasure Officer. She previously worked for Deloitte and FTI Consulting being responsible for strategic communications strategies for corporate clients. She regularly appears on international stages across Europe and Asia.

Her company MysteryVibe, founded in 2014, is a much talked about sex-tech-startup. It offers luxury pleasure products that are being sold in 55 countries. The company is a darling in mainstream publications. Some of the most important glamour and lifestyle magazines featured products from the company. Among them: BBC, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vice, Wired and The Guardian.

Much of the press coverage went to the MysteryVibe’s most important product, the Crescendo which was launched in 2016. The company prides itself that the vibrator is the first one worldwide that adapts itself to the body of its user therefore generating a customized experience for every user of the toy. According to MysteryVibe »Crescendo can be bent to flex and form to the user’s body and offer countless vibrations through its app for a truly personalized pleasure experience.«

The toy comes with an app that can download new pulses and buzzes to bring in more variety in the customer’s pleasure play: »MysteryVibe App is a beautiful and intuitive interface that allows you to download exciting vibes and sync them wirelessly to your Crescendo.«

As the company is far from shy about boasting the Crescendo’s capabilities it created an infographic telling the history of the evolution of the vibrator. It should come as no surprise that MysteryVibe’s Crescendo is featured as the pinnacle in the evolution of the much-loved sex toy.





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