Social Media Campaign For Lubricants: #IfIHadLube

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For a year now, the lube manufacturer pjur and the Berlin-based WOW-Tech Group have been cooperating in the USA. WOW Tech exclusively represents pjur in North America. In mid-November, a far-reaching social media campaign was launched under the hashtag #IfIHadLube, for which the company was able to recruit several influencers and that will continue until January 2020.

The combination of the toy brands with the lubricant specialist offers numerous opportunities for joint cooperation in marketing and sales. The conquest of the U.S. market has been a prominent part of the Luxembourg-based pjur group’s future strategy for years.

The manufacturer, which produces exclusively in Germany, writes about itself: »Our company’s core business ranges from cosmetic to medical products, all based around our core competency of skin care. The pjur group markets products primarily under its own brand name, “pjur”. “pjur” (pronounced as the English word “pure”) uses ingredients of the highest possible purity levels and is synonymous with uncompromising premium quality.«

It continues: »All company products have been developed internally and are manufactured 100 percent in Germany, without exception. pjur personal lubricants meet the quality standards of the European Union, US and Australian health authorities. pjur products are currently distributed in approximately 70 countries within diverse market segments.«

One year ago, pjur decided to assign the US business exclusively to the Berlin-based WOW Tech Group. In addition to We-Vibe and Womanizer, the tech startup Novuluto GmbH also belongs to the group’s brands. In the meantime, more than 100 people work for the company at three locations. According to WOW Tech, the goal is »to become the leading provider of sexual health and wellness products, of products that enable people all over the world to increase individual satisfaction and sexual well-being.«

The social media campaign aims to give the pjur brand, as well as lubricant products per se, greater visibility in the US market. A spokesperson for the German-American WOW Tech said that the campaign’s central message is »the importance of incorporating lube into your sexual repertoire and the premium benefits of pjur lubricants.«

Influencers participating in the campaign include vlogger Ellery Lee, MTV star Remy Duran, sexologist Tyomi and LGBT activist Arielle Scarcella. In their social media posts, they write anecdotes and stories from their lives under the hashtag #IfIHadLube, in which lubricants would have improved or saved the situation.

The company regards the campaign as a success. The number of interactions and reactions to the influencers’ posts is immense and achieves the objective of bringing the importance of lubricants in lovemaking into the public discourse.

Further information about WOW Tech can be found here. On the website of pjur, you can learn more about the product range of the lubricant manufacturer.


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