Running A Sex Shop #04: »Fuck Yeah« in Hamburg

Fuck Yeah Hamburg

Before there was the Reeperbahn there was the Gängeviertel: more than 100 years ago this was the heart of the red light district in Hamburg. Now the city’s first feminist sex shop flags here. It is called »Fuck Yeah« and its operators want to offer independent porn alongside ethically produced sex toys and in the meantime tackle traditional stereotypes.

The three founders Rosa Schilling, Fränky Stäbler and Florian Gnau don’t have much space in their new chic boutique shop in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel. But the trio, which raised over 20,000 euros by crowdfunding for the start of the sex shop, made the best possible use of this space: some products hang on ropes and poles, and the range of condoms can be found on a wooden bench. »Fuck Yeah« has a lot to offer, from the classic vibrator to a well stocked range of books.

Fuck Yeah offers a sparkling alternative for those who do not like traditional sex shops or who do not feel comfortable in the well-designed new store concepts for sex toys. Ethical, gender non-compliant and ecologically sustainable products can be found here. The Hamburger Morgenpost reports somewhat puzzled that »even the Unicon condoms« are produced sustainably. Openness, swimming against the current and gender and body positivity are written in capital letters here.

Florian Gnau explains in an interview: »In conventional sex shops and with traditional products, mainly stereotypical, often discriminatory body images are transported, which are often very disrespectful of women. But we want to support all body shapes and all forms of sex. In addition to vibrators, dildos and penis rings, we also offer alternative menstrual products and trans-related supplies such as breast prostheses or binders to bind the breasts. On the other hand we select the things carefully. There are no cliché-porn pictures,« Gnau elaborates on the concept: »Some of the sex toys are handmade. We offer vegan alternatives made of artificial leather and make sure that ingredients that are forbidden in food and children’s toys are also not present in our products.«

Rosa Schilling says: »Communication about sex is often dysfunctional. That is why we also want to offer seminars and courses.« A very different kind of workshop has already taken place. The team of the shop demonstrated to participants how to make whips and cuffs out of bicycle tubes. Besides, according to Gnau, »there was a seminar on ‘sex and language’. It was about questions like: How do we actually talk about sex? What words do we use for body parts? How do you have fun talking to your partner?«

According to the founders, the grand opening of the shop has been a great success. »There were many friends of ours, but also crowdfunding supporters who picked up their perks. Overall the audience was very mixed, maybe a bit more women than men, the age range was between 18 and 70 years. A lot has already been bought, not only books and condoms, but also sex toys like vibrators. We even sold the most expensive product in the shop, a handmade harness, a chest harness made of PVC and brass handles. To be honest, that was a surprise. We thought people were just looking at the beginning, but may still be a bit reserved when it comes to shopping.«

To find out more, click here or visit the shop in Caffamacherreihe 47.


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