Pipedream Products Expanding To Germany

Pipedream Deutschland

It has become very obvious for some time that the US manufacturer Pipedream Products is pursuing a global strategy in which Europe is playing a crucial role. Just recently, the company opened its own logistics centre in the Netherlands. Now the Americans are choosing Bremen as the headquarters for their European business and are also opening a showroom. This once again emphasizes the importance of the German market in the international sextoy business.

At the beginning of August, the European team of the US sextoy company Pipedream Products moved into its newly furnished European Headquarter. From here, the Americans want to take aim at the European market and grow substantially. An additional showroom gives potential customers an insight into the company’s product range, which ranks among the top players in the industry in the USA.

The fact that the company has settled in Bremen should also be seen as a competetive statement against the German rival Fun Factory which is also based in that city. The fact that there has also been some employees switching from Fun Factory to Pipedream Products also indicates that the Americans are not toying around.They consider the market in Europe as a key target market for their own expansion.

Matthew Matsudaira, CEO of Pipedream Products for a year, outlined his strategy in an interview: »This is the latest move in Pipedream’s strategic expansion plan and I’m so proud of what our team has built in Bremen. This investment gives Pipedream a physical presence in Europe, allowing customers direct access to our best-selling European products with the option of more frequent in-person contact.«

Another sign that Pipedream’s recent moves are likely to be about more than just expanding sales in Europe is Matsudaira’s following statement: »New releases will be displayed simultaneously in Europe and the U.S. and, coupled with our new streamlined distribution network, we believe this international development will be a true game-changer in our industry.«

In addition to the new European office, Pipedream has also quickly established a new distribution network, which the company has named Elite Distribution Partner. Matsudaira says: »Pipedream has spent more than a year preparing, planning and implementing these competitive solutions. We committed to improving our customer partnerships in tangible, mutually beneficial ways, and the opening of the Bremen office is the latest follow-through on that promise. We are excited about this next phase in our transformation and look forward to continuing to improve our service levels to our valued customers and welcoming them to our new E.U. headquarters.«

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