Norway’s Supreme Court Rules: Childlike Sexdolls Are Illegal

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The Supreme Court of Norway has ruled that child-like sex dolls constitute illegal sexualization of children. This was the final ruling against a man who had tried to defend himself against a conviction for the purchase of a one-meter tall sex doll with child-like features.

In Norway, a verdict has now become final against a man who in 2016 ordered a silicone sex doll from Hong Kong that looked like a child. The country’s supreme court found that the purchase and import of the doll violated Norwegian law that does not allow children to be sexualized.

Sex dolls that resemble children are illegal

The five judges of the Norwegian Supreme Court decided unanimously, after examining the doll in question, that it was »without a doubt« a sexualized depiction of a child.

The doll was confiscated by customs officers at Oslo Airport in 2016. It was one meter tall, had three body openings, a set of spare eyes and a wig. The customer of the Hong Kong sex doll retailer was then accused of violating the ban on the import of sexualized children’s depictions and the trial was initiated.

The man was sentenced to sixty days in prison in 2018 and suspended on probation. The defense maintained until the end that the doll was not a representation of a child, so the man was not to be blamed. The Norwegian Supreme Court came to another conclusion.

Authorities do not believe in medical benefits for pedophiles

The argument that the doll could prevent sexual abuse of children since pedophiles could use such a doll to meet their needs without harming a child, was also completely rejected by the court. The only decisive factor was that a sexualized portrayal of children was banned and the doll clearly in violation of that ban.

The Norwegian police also believe that such dolls could, on the contrary, foster desires and thus lead to an increase in child abuse.

Uncertain legal situation for Sexdoll customers

In other countries the legal situation is unclear. In Great Britain, for example, the possession of such dolls is not prohibited, but the import is. In 2016, 230 child-like dolls were confiscated by customs officials upon arrival in Great Britain.

In Norway, however, there is no legal certainty either. After all, it will always have to be decided on a case-by-case basis whether a doll is child-like or not. This might unsettle many customers of sex doll dealers since smaller models in particular are also cheaper to buy and many anime characters often look like children.


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