Mystim Shipping As Normal & Teightening Hygiene Standards

Mystim at the VENUS convention in Berlin 2019

The German e-stim specialist Mystim is also working at full steam during the corona crisis. According to the VENUS exhibitor, hygiene standards have been tightened in all areas of the company. The production and delivery of toys and accessories will continue as usual.

With the stricter hygiene regulations, the company is arming itself for the difficult times ahead as well as for the growing demand for sex toys due to curfews and lockdown during the corona crisis. Massive growth in the industry is expected worldwide.

Jessica Hofmann, Managing Director of Mystim GmbH, commented on the current situation: »We should all stand together because we are sure that we will manage this time together and are happy if we can continue to give our customers pleasure with our products despite the challenging situation.«

She added: »We believe that other needs should be satisfied in addition to the basic supply. After all, it would be a shame if everyone was bored to death at home during this time.«

Her co-managing director Christoph Hofmann talked about the new measures in the company: »Every day the whole world is informed about COVID-19 with new facts and figures we take the resulting guidelines and recommendations for action very seriously and implement them as a matter of course. For example, we have introduced minimum distances and hourly hand washing in internal dealings. All meetings and group formations were prohibited. External service providers are not allowed to enter the company premises for the time being. Our goal is to overcome this crisis together and in a meaningful way.«

The numerous high-end toys produced by Mystim can still be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s shop. In addition to the E-Stim toys that are in high demand worldwide, the range also includes masturbators, vibrators and anal plugs. Private customers are currently offered a discount of 15%.


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