Mystim Introduces New Masturbators


The German sex toy manufacturer Mystim is expanding its range abroad to include more sex toys for the growing market for men. The new masturbators are intended to expand the traditionally rather limited choice for men. 

With three new masturbators called MasturbaTIN (also available on the German market as »Möschen im Döschen«), Mystim intends to offer male customers a more varied range of products. Although all three are disposable masturbators, they do not only differ in terms of package design and name. Each of the toys has different textures to create a different experience.

The company, which has become known primarily for its electrostimulation toys, comments on the new products as follows: »For women, there are countless vibrators in different shapes, sizes, and designs. For men – whether heterosexual or homosexual – the tools for self-indulgence are limited. That’s why Mystim was working on some more variety for men: Three different single-use masturbators in two different packaging designs each. The six stars for single use impress with their quality and realistic feel.«

The founder of Mystim, Christoph Hofmann, is enthusiastic about his new products: »Swirl Girl and Curly Curtis are equipped with the distinctive vortex structure, Dotty Dora and Dotty Donny are dotted and equipped with suction cups, Ribbed Rita and Ribbed Ricky have a slightly finer rib structure.«

To start with, the company offers retailers specially made displays for the six quick sellers. Hoffmann adds: »They look particularly good at the point of sale in their display with four masturbators of each model and large infographics. The display is easy to set up and presents the reasonably priced take-away items. MasturbaTIN – also as a gift a brilliant idea.«

Here is the website of the company. Our interview with the managing director Jessica Hofmann can be found here.


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