Little Caprice Gets New Mayor Of Madrid In Trouble

Little Caprice y

José Luis Martínez-Almeidas, the mayor-designate of Madrid, is currently in a shitstorm that the Spanish media gleefully enjoys. The Twitter history of the conservative politician of the Partido Popular contains a »Like« for a naked photo of the international porn star Little Caprice.

Spanish newspapers eagerly nick-named the scandal surrounding the 44-year-old Christian Democrat as »guera de las tetas« (war of tits). Martínez-Almeidas was right on his way to becoming mayor of the Spanish capital Madrid. He will start his tenure with a lot of mockery from the media and the internet.

Therefore, a relatively trivial event could become a disaster for the local politician. In the Twitter history of La Biblioteta a blog posting nude pictures, people found a Like from the account of Martínez-Almeidas for a picture of the popular Czech porn actress Little Caprice. But the curious scandal seekers had to dig pretty deep to find this. The politician clicked on the questionable »Like« almost six years ago, on November 5, 2013.

The Internet forgets nothing

Only a few hours after Martínez-Almeidas was elected mayor, a screenshot of the politician’s preferences already made its rounds. One might think it’s a bagatelle, but since he is a conservative politician, of course, people take a closer look. It remains unclear to what extent political opponents poured oil on the fire or if moralistic zealots actually got upset about the rather harmless and understandable pleasure of the politician in the young beauty called Little Caprice.

The caption to the picture of Little Caprice, who can be seen naked in a train station, also seems to be a particular offense: Las tetas no son una estacion a la que se llega, sino una manera de viajar. [English: Tits are not a destination you want to reach but a way of traveling.] In English this sounds rather brittle and forced, but perhaps there is a misogynistic joke behind it for Spanish native speakers?

A puffed-up scandal

Anyway, the Spanish media turned everything into a little scandal. But fortunately for the politician, there are also reasonable voices that point out with a sarcastic note that it’s probably nothing special that someone thinks female breasts are great.

Meanwhile, Little Caprice takes it with humor and is probably happy about the media attention that goes along with all the uproar. She writes to the politician: »So funny …« and added a heart to her tweet. Does the exposed fan really like that at the moment?

Little Caprice sent a few more tweets on the subject and took a stand for the politician.

Later today though she decided to have some more fun at the politician’s expense and tweeted: »Love is in the air ;-)«

If you want to know more about Little Caprice visit her website here. (But careful: If you are a politician check twice before clicking any »Like« buttons.)


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