A little Bi won’t do you any harm

A survey confirms: having a homosexual encounter can be beneficial

Identifizierst du dich auch als bisexuelle Frau?

Berlin, September 2017. Whether at a party in the heat of the moment or during a game of spin the bottle: it is not only the bisexuals amongst us that are enjoying encounters with both sexes, with an ever increasing number of hetero- and homosexuals experimenting with the experiences they have. But what does this actually mean when it comes to German bedrooms?

During a survey conducted by the poppen.de platform in cooperation with the VENUS Berlin, 10.000 users offered their views on the topic of bisexual-ism. The result: 69 percent of those asked are open to this kind of sexual adventure.

Sexuality is in your genes

It doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or a man, everyone knows the kind of partner they prefer in bed, but the survey proves that despite this, a large number of people are willing to experiment: 42 percent of those asked admitted to having both Bi and heterosexual interests, although only 31 percent of the users are truly bisexual. A quarter of those asked would identify themselves as heterosexual without any real interest in the same sex. Users of the platform also provided information on homoerotic lovemaking: 14 percent admitted to enjoying having regular sex with the same sex, another 31 percent do this once in a while. 16 percent said it was part of their fantasies that they would like to try, and only 19 percent of those who took part said they are not at all interested in same-gender sex.

Attraction of the sexes

More than half of those asked are open to experimentation, so what is so interesting about the same gender? According to the survey it is first and foremost the unfamiliar sexual organ, a sympathetic personality and an attractive figure. This is added to by the thrill of the “forbidden“, or breaking through the socially accepted norms of sexuality and relationships. But how does one find oneself in a situation where heterosexuals enter into an encounter with someone of the same sex? 22 percent only experienced this when they were considerably older, 19 percent on the other hand described homoerotic experiences as a young adult. Another 16 percent enjoyed same-sex contact during a threesome. 4 percent even revealed that they experienced a special feeling of happiness afterwards, such as the euphoria after a sporting event or a concert.

A bit of gay is OK

Bisexuals have double the chance of sex, after all they have a much bigger pool of potential lovers at their disposal – this is also proven in the survey. It showed that the more flexible amongst us addressed their own sexuality more intensely, masturbated more and were more open to experimentation. So why not try a trip to the other side? Those who are interested in eroticism and want to find out more about various different sexual practices, or are interested in love toys for same sex lovemaking, can find the answers they need and maybe even some new questions, at the largest exhibition for eroticism and lifestyle – from the 12th to the 15th of October at the VENUS in Berlin.

Tickets can be obtained at www.venus-berlin.com/tickets

VENUS Berlin GmbH
Since 1997, the VENUS Berlin has been annually presenting trends and innovations from the erotic and lifestyle sectors. With more than 250 exhibitors from 40 countries, it is the largest international fair of its kind. In the Messehallen unterm Funkturm, producers and wholesalers present their services and products from the fashion and love toy sectors. They all take advantage of more than 30.000 visitors, who profit every year from the combination of professional product information at the stands, and erotic entertainment on the stages. The internationally famous exhibition attracts visitors, specialist visitors and media representatives from all over the world to Berlin, year after year.


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