German Startup Launches Innovative VR-Platform

vrxcity vr platform

The Berlin startup me.mento is heading for pole position in the VR business. The company has created a revolutionary adult entertainment platform called vrXcity.

With the launch of vrXcity, a Berlin start-up founded in 2014 is introducing an innovative VR platform that could turn the world of adult entertainment completely upside down.

Originally a 3D creator of lifelike images, me.mento 3D has developed into an innovative driver in the VR business. Within a few years, the one-man operation has grown into an internationally successful 3D technology company, which today employs about 30 people and creates high-resolution avatars using its own high-quality 3D scanner based on photogrammetry. The digital images of me.mento 3D are used in VR game applications, social VR projects, and many other digital services worldwide.

Since February 25th, users can experience individual adventures with authentic adult stars in »vrXcity Part One« thanks to virtual reality. In addition, users of the so-called »vrXcity Part One Desktop« can lead 3D-animated porn stars to orgasm.

Commenting on the newly developed platform, Tobias Platte, developer of the platform vrXcity and managing director of me.mento 3D interactive GmbH, says: »For sexually open-minded people it is no longer enough to passively watch a porn movie. Today’s users are looking for experiences that they can interact with and thus influence and shape on an individual basis.«

According to Platte, his product allows for a completely new user experience: »With the help of VR glasses and controllers, adult fans can first choose between various realistic porn stars, five photorealistic locations and three different sexual positions created with motion-capture animations. They can then let their creativity run wild and change it dynamically – blowjob in a luxurious office, cowboy position in the bedroom or inverted rider position in a photo studio.«

About the »Part One Desktop« version, he says: »In ‘vrXcity Part One Desktop’, cameras can be placed and you can adjust them for the perfect angle and setting for the shoot. Through a preview function, the scenario can be tested. If everything fits, users put their favorite actors in different sex positions and direct them to climax.«

Stars available so far include VENUS star Texas Patti, Marley Brinx and Danny Mountain. They were scanned from 170 angles and immortalized as digital avatars. More actors will be added over the years and will lead to an avatar database, which will be the distinctive appeal of the product.

Platte says: »However, these characters are not just simple, computer-animated 3D models, in addition to that they tell different stories with lifelike facial expressions as well as individual movements and create an emotional bond. In the near future, the 3D avatar database will grow steadily and we will gradually implement further extras in vrXcity.«

The different software packages »vrXcity Part One« as well as »vrXcity Part One Desktop« can be obtained via the company’s website and also via the adult online game provider Nutaku, which belongs to the Mindgeek Group.



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