Durex & RED Launch Ad Campaign For Aids Day 2018

durex und red.org
Durex und Red.org Werbekampagne für den Aids Day

Durex, one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world, has teamed up with the AIDS organisation RED and, in cooperation with the Freuds advertising agency, has developed a campaign that draws attention to the still life-threatening disease of AIDS despite medical progress. With the slogan »Give a Fuck«, Durex and RED want to appeal sexpositively and straightforwardly for condom use. The specifically developed condom (Durex) Red is intended to help people in South Africa and is a concrete contribution of the campaign towards Aids Day 2018 on 1 December.

Der schwedische Popstar Zara Larsson möchte, dass junge Leute Sex haben und Leben retten.
Zara Larsson

The campaign of the partnership between the condom manufacturer Durex and the organisation RED, supported by the U2 front man Bono, is creating a completely sexpositive image: »Have Sex. Save Lives« is one of the slogans and thus departs from the approach of directly linking sex and fear of AIDS. Instead, sex with condoms is no longer regarded as a necessary evil, but as an act of help and empowerment.

Ben Wilson, Durex executive, says of the campaign: »37 million people worldwide live with HIV and AIDS. So we all have a responsibility to fight to end it – as individuals and as a company.

Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson was chosen as the campaign’s ambassador. She appears in a video about the campaign and calls on viewers: »Give a fuck«, a clever play on words that alludes to the fact that »to give a fuck« colloquially means to attach importance to something.

The attempt to spread the condom campaign virally online is accompanied by the hash tag #GAF. The second slogan »Have Sex and Save Lives« alludes to the fact that Durex has developed a condom especially for the campaign, the proceeds of which will be used to contain the disease in South Africa. Larsson says: »For the first time it is possible to have sex and save lives. A powerful idea that we can have safe sex together and at the same time take up the fight against AIDS by helping girls in South Africa who desperately need our support.«

She adds: »Sexual health is such an important topic and we shouldn’t shy away from speaking about it. I also think it’s really important to talk more about wider issues around sexual health such as our emotional wellbeing, relationships and consent. I genuinely believe that the more we speak about things, the better aware we all are and the better our sexual health will be.«

Durex has a global market share of 30% in the condom market. The manufacturer, which belongs to the Reckitt Benckiser Group, has pledged $5 million to help combat the spread of AIDS in Africa. This sum will be doubled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition to Larsson, numerous actors from film and television as well as theatre stars, comedians and YouTube influencers support the campaign.

The condom specially developed for the campaign is called (Durex) RED. According to the company, the condom will be sold in 20 countries over a period of 3 years. Every purchase of (Durex) RED condoms directly supports programmes in South Africa. It is estimated that more than 7.2 million people in the country carry the HIV virus and in many cases do not receive good medical care or take appropriate protective measures such as wearing condoms.

Wilson explains: »As a brand we are really trying to partner with people like (RED) in areas like HIV to make a difference to raise awareness but also to make an impact on the ground.It’s not just about helping people in Africa but also about reminding them about doing the right thing themselves.«

He added: »Typically those who are not able to progress to a higher level of education are less likely to use contraception or condoms. The duality of this campaign will help us raise awareness of safe sex among this group, especially ‘Gen Z’, while also raising money for HIV, which is so important.«

If you are interested in Durex, click here. Information about the AIDS organisation RED can be accessed via the following link. The (Durex)RED and more about the cooperation between the manufacturer and the AIDS organisation can be found here.

Finally, a look behind the scenes from the shooting of the campaign spot with Zara Larsson.


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