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Bucharest Summit Named Webbilling Best Payment Processor


Webbilling.com won an award at this year’s Bucharest Summit, an annual gathering for the webcam industry. The payment processor got the award during an award show last week.

In a statement Sebastian Zankel, a representative of Webbilling.com said: »It’s a humbling moment when you receive a prize and thus praise for your services. Since last year we’ve seen dramatic increases for cam focused sites that worked with Webbilling.com and we’re looking forward to improve our tech even further— not matter your vertical.«

Webbilling is part of TrafficPartner. The company is currently expanding its mobile payment solutions services and is used by many cam sites.

Michael Reul, CEO of Trafficpartner, said: »On average, Webbilling.com, adds around 34 percent additional revenue to cam sites with traffic from Europe. Most likely due to the local payment methods provided like SEPA/Direct Debit, Sofort, IDeal, advanced direct pay and more. Webbilling is most often used as an additional payment provider to the credit card payment provider cam sites already use.«

The Webbilling team was celebrating its award in Bucharest, the global capital of the webcam industry, and will probably return to next year’s installment of the Summit as well. »We’re completely grateful and like to thank the jurors and all of the Bucharest Summit crew.« Zankel said.


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