Anike Ekina At The Launch Of The Fashion Label Dr. Sindsen Pompöös

Eric Sindemann, Mitte Anike Ekina, Rechts Harald Glööckler

The star designer Harald Glööckler, known for example from the RTL show »Let’s Dance«, is currently introducing the new label »Dr. Sindsen Pompöös«. He and Eric Sindermann hosted a rooftop party as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. Among the guests was the two-time Venus Award winner Anike Ekina.

The visitors of the annual Venus are of course the real stars. But one of the main reasons why people come is the presence of international and national erotic stars such as Micaela Schäfer, Patricia Blanco, Gina Lisa Lohfink, Little Caprice, Texas Patti and Anike Ekina. The reason for this is not only the spectacular beauty and look of the actresses. Their charisma and presence fascinate hundreds of thousands, so it is not surprising that stars like Anike Ekina are also very welcome guests at fashion events. Most recently, the beauty was seen at the rooftop party introducing Harald Glööckler’s new fashion label.

With Eric Sindermann, Harald Glööckler has invented a new label to present sporty and casual fashion. The fine textiles of the brand Dr. Sindsen Pompöös are produced sustainably and made exclusively from high-quality materials.

The cooperation between Sindermann and Glööckler apparently originated relatively spontaneously. Glööckler was enthusiastic about Sindermann’s designs, who simply contacted Glööckler on Instagram. Within a very short time, the two of them decided to launch their own label.

Numerous celebrities and influencers in Berlin were thus able to convince themselves of the first-class quality of the clothing. Ex-erotic star Anike Ekina was enthusiastic about the new brand. A wonderful snapshot was taken.

Ekina had only recently signed a record contract and will be presenting several lifestyle shows starting 23 July.



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