Additional Sales With Lubricants and Toy Cleaners

toy clean

Pjur, the Luxembourg based global player in the lubricant industry, is making a point in promising retailers additional sales when combining lubricants with sex toy cleaners at the point of sale. 

The globally positioned manufacturer of lubricants from Luxembourg has been on a remarkable expansion course for years. The attempt to locate lubricants in the high-price segment and market them as lifestyle products seems to have paid off.

In addition to the numerous gel variants, the manufacturer also offers cleaning products for sex toys. A globally growing market, the growth curve for sex toys as a whole is still on the upswing, offering retailers unique opportunities at the point of sale.

Additionally offered cleaning products or a combination of lubricant and cleaning products with a sextoy already on the counter or in the shopping basket can generate additional sales and be perceived positively by the customer as a special service.

Ideal combo products and add-ons at POS

The Luxembourg company points out that two of its best-selling products work particularly well in a bundle. The product pjur TOY Lube is generally recommended for the use of sex toys made of latex, rubber, glass or silicone. According to the manufacturer, it combines the advantages of water-based and silicone-compatible lubricants.

The use of Sex Toys is particularly pleasant with this lubricant. Pjur claims that the TOY Lube lasts particularly long and is ideally suited for use with sensitive silicone products.

Additional sales can be achieved in numerous sales talks with the pjur TOY Clean. It is a cleaning agent for sex toys that is free of alcohol and added scents and is therefore also suitable for people with allergies.

Frequent cleaning of sex toys

The TOY Cleaning Agent from pjur is intended to be particularly effective on sensitive materials. Bacteria and other residues are safely removed from the surface of the toy to be cleaned with the help of the agent. TOY Clean is also suitable for latex, rubber, glass, silicone and, according to pjur, also for cleaning leather products.

Further information can be found on the pjur Group website.


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