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Stormy Daniels Fails In Effort to Get Trump To Testify in Person

After Stormy Daniel’s much-talked-about interview on »60 Minutes« and the legal motions to prevent it from getting broadcast, the porn star suffered the first set back in her effort to force Donald J. Trump to testify personally in front of a court or in public. 

Stormy Daniel’s combative lawyer Michael Avenatti filed a motion in Los Angeles federal court to question President Donald J. Trump and his lawyer for two hours. This motion was turned down by the court.

Avenatti will not back down though. In a tweet he immediately announced that the motion to depose Trump will be refiled the moment the other party will file a motion to compel arbitration.

The goal is to get Trump on record and probably to create further headlines. A sitting President getting forced to testify about an alleged affair would be a huge disaster for the already embattled president. Normally a sitting president enjoys special protection from civil suits but Avenatti is trying to argue that a president can’t be protected »regarding conduct before he or she entered office«.

The suit Avenatti filed is in relation to the non-disclosure agreement his client signed. Stormy Daniels received 130,000 in hush money to remain silent about her alleged affair with Trump. Her lawyer tries to get the agreement nullified based on the fact that Trump never signed the agreement. Meanwhile Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is threatening to sue the porn star for violating the NDA.

And thus the saga continues.



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